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  • XLC is an add-in for MS Excel. It gives it the ability to display cell formulas as mathematical equations.
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  • Learn how to design and manufacture aluminium rail vehicles. Aluminium designs offer up to a 30% weight saving and reduced manufacturing costs over conventional steel designs. Topics covered include metallurgy and comparison with steel, history of aluminium rail vehicles, design and manufacturing requirements and constraints, finite element analysis, welding, fatigue design and analysis, mechanical fastening and analysis of preloaded joints, crashworthiness and structural testing.
    The 5 day course combines presentations, videos, tutorials, quizzes and practical workshops. It will be delivered by John Doyle, an experienced railway vehicle designer. All course materials are accessible by the internet. Certificates of completion are issued after satisfactory completion of the course examination. The course is set to start on November 12th 2007 in Taipei Taiwan.
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